Radio Star

Birthday: April (Earth sign Taurus)
Birth town: Las Vegas, NV


Bands: Obviously just about anything from the 80ís, plus a very wide variety of music genres..

Movies: Anything by Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, or Alfred Hitchcock.  I like all sorts of movies, but these are my top three favorite writer/directors of all time.

TV Shows: Masterpiece Classic and anything on the BBC. Iím a history fanatic so usually itís a documentary piece or based on real history.  I have a serious soft spot for English and European History.

Food: Oh, why yesÖI do enjoy food!  Seafood, poultry, wild game, vegetables & grains please...I like to find or make healthy alternatives to the junk foods of my past.  I believe in nutritional education and making good food choices based on the needs of my body.  Ask me why sometime. Iíve got a great story to tell.

Drink: WATER! Anytime, anyway, bubbly or still.  By night, a high quality whiskey with TONS of ice.

Likes: Entertaining people through song, dance & acting, farming & raising animals to eat, practicing sustainable living & agriculture, DIY anything, continuing education, reading, HISTORY, designing & getting tattoos, recycling, open minded positive people, offering hair, skin & makeup care & educating others on how to take care of their skin/bodies, clean healthy eating, my family & friends.

Dislikes: Bad attitudes, unethical people/companies, lima beans, my abnormally long toes, uncomfortable silence, when gnomes and elves hide my stuff, being too high off the ground, really big spiders, the creepy corner of my basement.

Won't go anywhere without: A minimum of 3 bags containing everything I could ever need.

Hailing from a musical family, Dez grew up listening to 80's music.  As a toddler, she started vocal training, and has been performing since she was 7, singing in variety and talent shows, and with various bands and musicians throughout the years.

In August of 2015, Dez answered an ad for an 80ís cover band seeking a female lead singer.  After her audition, she was offered and accepted the lead vocal spot in Radio Star, starting in 2015.  She is the visual and vocal lead in the band!