Radio Star

Birthday: February 19th
Hometown: North Andover, MA


Bands: The Trashcan Sinatras, The Stone Roses, Antoine Dufour, The Cavedogs, Jellyfish, Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Austin Powers, X-Men, The Notebook, and most horror films

TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Originals

Food: Anything on the breakfast menu and naturally anything with bacon in it, but it has to be crispy

Drink: Coffee (all the time), water, and evidently, whatever Dr. Shots (Mike) and Nurse Dez are serving me

Likes: Nature, the smell of rain, watching snow fall at a slow pace, stargazing, the distant sounds of rumbling thunder, freight trains, and church bells (not at the same time), bon fires, and of course Sunday mornings with my acoustic guitar

Dislikes: Bad acting, people who think that the primary reason for driving is to get as close as possible to the vehicle in front of them, when Christmas falls on a Sunday

Pet Peeves: People with pet peeves, lists, playing the bass guitar, all things 80's, sarcasm

Someday: Will remember the words to all the songs

Matt says:

"I have no awards, no real accomplishments to speak of and certainly no formal schooling in the music realm.  I'm coming from feel and sensation.  I believe that music is an emotional projection delivered from the heart and manufactured in the soul, and when it is given to us from these places, it touches us in a place inaccessible by anything else.

In my late teens I was inspired by friends that had serious talents to go ahead and give it shot.  So I got myself an electric guitar and learned finger placement by recording videos from MTV and pausing it when there was a close up on the guitar parts.  That, and having friends to show me around, I eventually learned how to put it together.

I fumbled around with a few bands over the next few years, and at some point took a liking to the acoustic side of things.  I liked the idea of being the next James Taylor, though I had dropped the singing aspect, so my style morphed into an uneducated classical pop fusion kind of sound.  I hadn't planned it that way, that is just what came out.  But I suppose that my over chorded pieces are more interesting to listen to rather than three minutes of a three chord song, especially when they are instrumentals."