Mike Velcheck's R2-D2 Page - Front & Rear PSI Displays


I had a request from some of the New England R2 Builders to create a set of PSIs (Processor State Indicator) that could be set up to fade or flash.  These are the red/blue and yellow/green circular lights on the front and rear of the dome.

Here are the specifics:
  • 12V DC operation
  • Round boards, 1.875" diameter
  • Microcontroller based "pseudo-random" flash/fade sequence
  • Three modes of operation: flash, fade, and flash/fade (set with jumpers)
  • 6 LEDs per color

  •       Front: red & blue
          Rear: yellow & green
  • 2-layer professionally created PCB with plated holes, soldermask, and silkscreen
  • Fully assembled
  • One "master" board (red/blue) with a 2-pin connector for power and 4 pin connector to the "slave" board

  •       The master board contains all the control and power regulation electronics.
  • One "slave" board (yellow/green) with a 4 pin connector to the "master" board
  • All wired connectors available as screw terminals (not shown)
  • Includes a healthy handful of hook-up wire



    PSI boards, front view & rear view

    These boards made their debut at a New England R2 Builders meeting in the summer of 2007, and are now being made available in limited quantities to all R2 Builders.  I have enough parts to build 30 sets of boards, so don't send payment until I have verified that the boards are still available.

    Item DescriptionShipped to PayPal AddressPrice
    Dual PSI (one front, one rear)U.S.A. $44
    Dual PSI (one front, one rear)Outside U.S.A. $40 +
    Shipping +

    Please note that multiple orders shipped to the same address can save a bit on shipping costs, so please CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS.